These earrings are very fun to make and wear! The earrings are made by Wieske Beertema. Continue reading for the tutorial.


  • earrings
  • split rings
  • 8/0 seed beads
    • for the red earrings 8-4202, 8-408 and 8-4464 were used. For the red earrings 8/0 light green matte and 8-411 were used.
  • 2 basic beads that’s approximately 10-20mm.
  • thread

1. Make a string with seed beads. In the example the following seed beads were used: 16 pink, 1 gold, 1 pink, 1 gold, 48 red, 1 gold, 1 pink, 1 gold, 16 pink beads. O fcourse you can pick your own design and colors. As long as the beads in the middle (the 48 red beads) are an even number.

The string

2. Both endings of the thread you pull back through the beads from the second bead. You keep pull the thread through the beads until you’re in the middle of the row of beads.

Space has been made in the middle of the beads.

3. Both threads meet in the middle and you knot the thread close to the last bead. On both threads you thread one bead to put on top of the knot.

The base of the tassels of the earring.

4. Thread four more of these strings. Pick one thread and make sure this thread has a longer thread on one side. If you have your four strings, thread these through the basic bead, so all the tassels hang under the bigger bead.

This is how it looks like now

5. On the top you thread all the beads through the split ring so that the split ring sits on top of the basic bead. The long thread will be used later. The shorter threads are put back throught the basic bead and cut off on the bottom of the basic bead.

6. On the longer thread that sticks out on the top of the basic bead, put beads that cover the length of the bead. Put this long thread over the basic bead and put it through the basic bead again. Keep going until the basic bead is covered. You could pick a smaller bead for the first and last bead so that the whole thing coincides nicely.

8. When the basic bead is covered, you can put the longer thread back through the basic bead and thread through one of the tassels for a neat finish. The last thing you need to do is attach the earring to the split ring and your earrings are done!

Thank you Wieske for your creativity. If you have any questions, mail us or leave a comment!