In this blog we would like to tell you about a number of special designers. Each in their own way they make beautiful designs, so it’s certainly fun to see what they make.

Erin Simonetti

Erin Simonetti is a designer you see a lot in the facebook-group ‘Seed Beads and More‘. The nice thing about her is that she has come up with some nice additions to woven bracelets.

She has all kinds of nice extras that make the bracelet or necklace unique, such as the example below. Santa Claus is not included in the woven bracelet, which she has just strung after weaving.

Julia Pretl

Julia Pretl makes all kinds of small boxes, especially with the peyote stitch. The way it is strung makes it very sturdy and keeps its perfect shape. She also uses the same technique to make turtles, Halloween pumpkins, pendants, vases and much more.

Here you see a Miyuki box, made by Sandra. It is a mini replica of the boxes in which we receive all our Miyuki beads. This is now in the office of Miyuki’s director!

Sabine Lippert

An other famous designer is Sabine Lippert, who gives workshops globally.

Her designs are always very colorful and each is made in multiple color combinations, which always have a completely different effect. Her site features numerous designs, some free and some paid.

Sheila Root

Last but not least we would like to introduce you to Sheila Root. Her designs are extremely varied and, above all, lifelike. She has several books in which she has patterns for butterflies, birds and flowers.

But her Victorian house is also great, where you can stitch the entire house, the furnishings, but also all the furniture in peyote stitch.

We hope you are inspired by these amazing designers! Do you have a favorite yourself?