We have collected some YouTube tutorials for inspiration. Again all shapes and sizes for everyone!

This is a video of Özlenen Tasarım with a very subtle necklace made of delicas.

Below is a video of Kara’s jewelery Vlog with a peyote bracelet, on which strings are added across the entire width. You can also assimilate a color pattern into this.

This is a video from The corner of craft with a cute bracelet that is very easy to make. It is made with seed beads and because you end up with a single row of beads it is very easy to attach a clasp.

This is a video from Beadshopdatcom with a variant of the Chan Luu bracelets. With this bracelet you string several seed beads together and of course it is also possible to use other beads for this.

This is a video from Beadifulnights, where the different colors give a completely different effect in these bracelets. Tip: use thicker fireline with these bracelets, so that it becomes nice and sturdy.

This is a video from Sonysree Creations of a very cute bracelet that is easy to make (it seems more difficult than it is). A beautiful combination of seed beads 11/0 and 6 mm pearls made with the square stitch. With this technique it is important that you always tighten the thread firmly.e

This is a video from BijuTeo Beading with a beautiful necklace of seed beads and larger beads. Beads of 4x6mm are used, but it can also be done with round beads of 4 or 5 mm.

This is a video from DIY with Bhabana of a sweet and simple bracelet. This is also a fun project to do with children.

This is a video from Kara’s jewelery Vlog of a funny bracelet in different colors. She used the ladder stitch technique in this design, which makes it a speedy and ideal project for making a matching bracelet for your clothes at the last minute.

Have fun beading!