When spring is almost here, we of course want to make new bracelets to complete our new summer outfits. In this blog we share 6 videos with nice bracelets that are quickly made.

A knotted bracelet with a drawstring, where you wrap the seed beads, as we speak.

The clasp is a sliding knot, which is also well explained in this video.

While tying, she shows a drawing of the knot being tied at the top left, very handy!

A flat knotted bracelet in different colors.

This is a nice bracelet to see how you can get this kind of color gradient.

It is knotted with 8 threads of cord in 4 colors, which alternate beautifully with each other.

A cute strung bracelet with nice flowers.

You only need the same size seed beads for this in 2 different colors.

And you then thread with 2 threads and needles, which you alternate until the end.

A tighter bracelet strung with the square stitch with 4 seed beads at a time.

You start with the middle section and then continue outwards on both sides.

The advantage of this is that you can always check the length around your wrist in between.

This is a varied bracelet, with which you immediately learn different techniques.

With the braiding and knotting you can get a good feel for how to best use cord.

Finally, you just need to attach them together in a wide closure with glue.

This is seriously one that you can make very quickly and easily.

It is a round bracelet with a ball chain and a small piece of round leather.

Once you get to the end, you can simply add the matching clasp to the ballchain and you’re done.

Have fun making these bracelets!