We have collected a few tutorials as inspiration to make cute jewelry!

These are nice, lovely bracelets from Beadiful Nights that are easy to make and are also fun to give away. The seed beads are combined with super duos, of which you don’t need a lot, so you can use up your leftovers. And you can also combine them well with each other.

Below we have a tutorial from BijuTeo with for a beautiful colorful necklace. But of course you can also make it in nice softer shades, for example soft pink with silver and hematite.

You string the flowers individually with 11/0 seed beads, then attach them together to make a chain. And this ofcourse also makes it very suitable for a bracelet or a pair of earrings.

These earrings from Mostacilla Naeli match the necklace above and could certainly be worn together. It is an Italian explanation, but the images are sharp and easy to follow, so you can clearly see how to thread.

And finally a bracelet from Jill Wiseman in a slightly different style, namely netting and fringe. The bracelet itself is strung in netting and playful flowers and twigs are attached to it.

Overall it is very fun to watch and see what Jill Wiseman makes and explains.

Have fun using these examples!