Choosing your colors in projects is always very important, but is often seen as a challenge. For those who do embroidey, know the DMC colors, which is quite the same as the colornumbers Miyuki has. And for those who combine embroidery with Miyuki beads, there is this pdf online with the numbers that match with each other.

This page originaly comes from, which has all the credits for it. They also have several patterns availble and share lots of information about fabrics, fibres and introduce great artists.

In the list there are several options of Miyuki delica beads that go well with the DMC number. For example DMC 778 is a soft pink color, which matches with Miyuki delica number 1505 and 1535. In the picture you can see an example of it.

It is nice to know that there are already suggestions given, which makes looking for them much easier.