When I saw this tutorial by Contemporary Geometric Beadworks I got so excited I wanted to drop all the things I was currently making to start this. I saw this on the facebookpage of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork and it also was shared on the facebookpage of  Seed beads and more. *Happy dance*! Wondering what I want to make? Continue reading!

You thread triangles (using technique herringbone stitch and peyote stitch) with delica’s and connect these so they form this kaleidoscope. I have made jewelry but not a shifting object so this is a new challenge!

Photo and creation by Kim van Antwerpen from  Contemporary Geometric beadwork

Tips I’ve read so far:

  • When you’re making really small triangles (5 rows) the bending is hard. A minimum of 9 rows is recommended.
  • There’s four visible parts and 6 triangles per part. This means 24 triangles that need to be made.
  • You can thread with fireline, but use a thicker one so it’s extra sturdy.
  • On http://www.anabel-beadpatterns.com/p/blog-page.html you can find a triangle to print so you can colorize your pattern. Keep in mind that this is a big square, so you don’t need to colorize the entire triangle if you plan to make a smaller kaleidocycle.
    Triangle from http://www.anabel-beadpatterns.com/p/blog-page.html

The clip down below shows how you can make the triangles.

On the Facebookpage Seed beads and more you can find tips and tricks such as step 1 en step 2. Not a member of the page? Send an email to the administrator.
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How to get access to Facebookpage Seed beads and more

Keep in mind that the original idea is from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork , and that they’re also making tutorials.

Curious how to use a kaleidocycle? In the video below they show how to use (a paper) kaleidocycle.

I love how you can make a lot of designs. I like to use seasons as inspiration, so spring, summer, autumn and winter and make triangles in that theme. On the Facebookpage of Cath Thomas I saw a nice design as well.

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Made by Cath Thomas

And are you going to make one? Let us know!