In this tutorial we explain how you can secure a woven bracelet with a fold-over end. This explanation was provided by Jody van den Brink, so thank you Jody for your explanation!

Before you take your bracelet off the beading loom to add the fold-over ends, you need to do some preparation to make sure the fold-over ends are going to keep in their place when added. Before you can take your bracelet off the loom, you keep threading some thread through the tensed wire to create a little flat piece of thread. On this part you put the fold-over ends together.

To create this flat thread piece, threat the transverse threat so that the new transverse threat is pushed tightly against the previous transverse thread. This makes a tight and compact ending of approximately 4/5 mm, matching the depth of the fold-over end.

Before you take the bracelet off the beading loom, put some glue on the top and bottom of this last part of thread. This secures everything and keeps it in place. When the glue has dried, you can take your bracelet off the loom. Put knots in the wire that was tensed between the loom, so the ends of the threads are secure and won’t move anymore.

After tying the knots, you cut the thread off, approximately 4mm from the knot. Fold the endings of the thread onto the end piece and glue them on it. Fold the end threats inside and let them rest on the just created thread part. You can add the fold-over endings while the glue is still wet. Place the fold-over endings on the still wet glue and squeeze the endings shut carefully. Use enough glue, but don’t use too much to prevent the glue from leaking through the sides of the fold-over ends.

Watch out: the fold-over end has little ruffles on one side and the other side is smooth. Make sure both of the smooth sides are placed on the same side of the jewelry (inside/hidden side) so that you get an even and clean look on the visible side of the jewelry.

Secure a lobster clasp with a  jump ring to one fold-over end and an extension chain on the other fold-over end. Your bracelet is ready to be worn!

Finally, some extra tips on choosing the width of the fold-over clasp in comparison to the bracelet. Check if the fold-over clasp will fit once you’ve threaded three transverse rows on your beading loom. The beads can be a little apart from each other on the tensed wires, so it’s smart to check if your fold-over clasp still fits once you’ve started threading on your loom.