A super cute bracelet made with a variation of the peyote stitch. Even if you have no experience with peyote, this is a great bracelet to try out. The ideal shackle for this variant are press studs, which ensure a perfect fit.

And the wonderful thing about beading is that two virtually the same bracelets can be made in a different way.

Because we found another video of this kind of bracelet, which starts and ends slightly differently and therefore also uses a lobster clasp as closure. You can make both ends pointy, so that it is nice and narrow for the lobster clasp.

Just like regular peyote bracelets, you can vary the colors endlessly.

And below is another variant, with a beautiful button as clasp. You could also thread a flat piece here with round peyote, which functions as a button.

You can choose the video that suits you best. Everyone has a preference for a certain explanation or wants to follow it faster or slower.

Have fun with it!