From ‘Gifts and Talents’ we received this really cute pattern for a bead woven bracelet. she called it ‘Nanny’s old teacup’, which we find really suiting.

She made a pattern of this for everyone to make too, which you can find below. The pattern is for a bracelet with 13 beads wide and you can adjust the length according to your needs by adding any amount of beads on both sides. This way it can be the exact needed length you want.

Here’s a selcetion of the colours you could choose for this pattern: DB-1137, DB-266, DB355, DB1371, DB210, DB1135, DB754, DB200, DB2118.

It is also possible to make the part of the flowers longer. Just try to copy some flowers on one or both sides with alternating the green and white beads in between, in the same way as the rest of the pattern. When you are not sure, just take some paper with squares and start colouring the squares yourself.

When you are more the online type, then you can find a list of programs to help you with: This way you can also make and ave tour own patterns, to share them with others or use them in the future.

We hope you enjoy this pattern!