Everybody is familiar with Pinterest, where you can find so much information, tutorials, beautiful pictures of pieces and tips and tricks. It is a big source of inspiration for any subject you can think of. But also on FaceBook, there is a lot to explore, especially in the various groups. And the extra advantage here is a big one because it gives you also the possibility to interact with each other.

Advantages of these groups

And that is really such a great thing about Facebook. It is so easy to respond to someone’s post and read all the information that is available. Especially for beginners, it is helpful to read what people can tell about used techniques, chosen beads, the kind of thread or needle they have used for their project. This really helps to decide which things you need for what you want to make. Instead of buying a lot of items that will end up in one of your drawers. And having good supplies makes things so much easier to work with.

For most of the groups, you need to answer a few questions before you can enter. They want to make sure only people with shared interests are added to the group and this has a big effect on the timeline, because it is not filled with advertising or post about very different subjects.

Free reviews on products

And on Facebook there are a lot of groups related to beading in many ways. For every technique you can find several general ones, but also groups that have specific subjects. Some are specific there to share tutorials, classes or free patterns others mainly about Bead Embroidery or PeyTwist. In every group beading fans share their creations, their tips and experiences in the same area as yours. And when you are stuck in the process, you can ask your Facebook friends for help and they will be happy to help.

And what also helps a lot, is the many friendly discussions about materials. For example conversations about the best beading thread, the quality of a specific bead or colortype, possibilities in storage or how to set the prices of your pieces. It gives you an idea of which items are best for you.

Overview of the groups, let us know when you more..

We added a list of the groups we know of, but when you know other groups that should be on the list, just share this in the comments and we will add it. Because of the copyright of this groups, we have no pictures in this post.

  • Seed beads and more is definitely one of the biggest and most active groups. The admin is very quick to answer any question and organize several bead alongs. You can find many artists sharing their tutorials.
  • Beading, beads and beaders Also a big group with all kind of bead related posts. With a name like this, there is no doubt what you will find there.
  • Peyote Stitch patterns is not only for the flat bracelets in peyote stitch, but for any shape possible. It gives you a good idea of the possibilities of this great stitch.
  • Peyote with a twist – not crochet This is the group of Gerlinde Lenz, which invented the new technique, called PeyWat. This peyote in a unusual way and definitely worth checking out.
  • Bead Embroidery with the bigger projects, beaded onto fabric. This is a very versatile technique where you can use all kinds of beads in so many ways. Not like other techniques where you follow given steps, here you have all the freedom.
  • Beading classes, kits & tutorials which is a group for when you are looking for a project made by a designer, which you can follow step by step. This can be (online) classes, books, single tutorials or instructions together with all the items tyou need for it.
  • From petal to pod which of course has everything to do with making petals in any way possible. It is a great one for making flowers.
  • Beadaholic also a group where you will see all kinds of creations and every Wednesday you can advertise your site or shop for free.
  • International Beading Week This group is especially for the first week of August, which is International Beading Week. In that week a lot of great beadalongs are shared. A beadalong is a tutorial which is shared every day or every first day of the week and everybody around the worldbeads together on it and shares every step with each other. But of course you can enjoy the posts every day of the year.
  • Seed bead Galore has a great variety of photos and tips in all area’s. Here you can also find shops that share their productsm including discounts, together with a variety of tutorials and classes.
  • Museum of Beadwork with a big project of beaded squares. All around the world people have beaded the squares in their one style and all of them are made to 1 pieces, which is very impressing to see.
  • Learn how to make beaded flowers is mainly about beading on thin wire, which you can shape in flower shapes. You can make a big bouquet of flowers in any possible shape.
  • Miyuki sieraden is a Dutch one, where a lot of projets are shown, including tips to help each other.

And some French ones:

It is very easy to get addicted to checking new posts. When you want to take a quick break from beading and check Facebook for 5 minutes, this might turn into you scrolling through all these groups for much longer! But you have the option to ‘unfollow group’, which means that you are still a member, but you don’t receive the new posts in your timeline anymore. And when you visit them, you will still see everything. But if there are groups that are not interested in anymore, you can just click on ‘leave group’.

But we are pretty sure that this list is not all of them. Let us know which ones you know, and we will add them quickly.

Thank you all!