Last week we saw photo’s on Facebook which Joanne Frithsen-Daioglou posted there. She had a great tip to start with your first rows of Peyote in a very easy way. Thank you very much for sharing this and allowing us to post it here, Joanne! Hopefully together we will reach a lot of beaders with this.

Most of you will know that – especially when doing a pattern – it is hard to set up the first 2 or 3 rows. The piece moves in all directions and the beads of the different rows start twisting. This makes it hard to keep the beads in the place that they need to be to get the pattern you want.

The following text is a copy of what she told everyone:

Joanne Frithsen-Daioglou: ‘Do you have trouble beginning a peyote stitch project? This is what I do. Thread on rows 1and 2 as instructed (photo 1). Get a piece of tigertail (a nylon coated wire – won’t kink up) and alternate beads on to it (photo 2). Then you are ready to begin row 3 (photo 3). I usually do about 7 or 8 rows and then remove the piece from the tigertail. This has saved me a lot of frustration. 🙂

And here are the photos she posted it with, giving us a good idea of it.

First: Bead the first 2 rows on your beading thread
Then string the beads of the first row on the tigertail, which means that you skip one bead every time.
Keep the tigertail in the first row and continu with your piece. After 7 or 8 rows remove the tigertail safely.

And for those that are not familiar with tigertail, this is a type of stringing wire which is very strong. This thread has several metal strings twisted around each other ot make it as strong as it is, but still flexible.

different colors of tigertail

Joanne, thank you very much for this tip! And if anyone has other tips, just let us know by mail: and we will share this, too.