If you are familiar with Pinterest, you might also want to check out the groups of Facebook. There are a lot of groups with a lot of beading-fans sharing their creations and give tips and advice. The advantage of Facebook is that you can easily respond to someone’s post, this isn’t possible on Pinterest. Another advantage is that people who post on Facebook usually add which technique, beads etc. they used for their creation. There are also discussions about wire, beads, storage and selling pieces. Continue reading to see which Facebook groups we like.

Two examples of people who shared their piece, found on Facebook:

Schermafdruk 2016-02-25 12.32.26 Schermafdruk 2016-02-25 12.30.50

There are a lot of Facebook groups and this is a list of the ones I follow:

A disadvantage of these groups is that you might get a bit addicted to checking the new creations. When you want to take a quick break from beading and check Facebook for 5 minutes, this might turn into you scrolling through all these groups for much longer! This can easily be fixed, by clicking ‘stop following group’. The posts from the group won’t appear on your Facebook timeline but you are still a member of the group.

Are you a member of Facebook groups decicated to beading? Let us know which groups you like!